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Picture of Monacor PA-1960 High-power mono PA amplifier

Monacor PA-1960 High-power mono PA amplifier

High-power mono PA amplifier

Full Description


High-power mono PA amplifier


  • 1 x 960WRMS
  • Additional, adjustable priority input with switchable priority function
  • 100V slave input for inserting the amplifier into a 100V speaker line
  • Switchable 400Hz high-pass filter 6dB/oct.
  • 2 insertion facilities at the rear side for optional modules with the following features:
  • PA-6FD: fault detection module
  • PA-6FM: fault monitoring module



  • Connection for external on/off switch (remote start)
  • Temperature-controlled fan, continuously adjustable
  • LED display for fault, protect, clip, signal, priority
  • Mains operation or 24V emergency power operation
Technical Facts Amplifiers
 Output power
1 x 960WRMS 
 Input sensitivity
0.775V/60kΩ, bal. 
 Output impedance
75V/5.6Ω, 85V/7.2Ω, 100V/10Ω 
 Frequency range
 S/N ratio
> 100dB, A-weighted 
< 0.4% 
 High-pass filter
400Hz, 6dB/oct. 
 Admiss. ambient temp.
0-40 °C 
 Power supply

24V DC current /80A 

483x133x374mm, 3RS 
 Signal input
screw terminals 
 Speaker output
screw terminals