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Picture of Work PCA 190 USB Amplifier
The 180 W amplifier featuring a 5 input mixer with 4 selectable zones. The PCA 190 USB is a powerful installed sound power amplifier which delivers 180 W output power. It can supply up to 4 different zones thanks to its front panel zone select buttons.

Picture of Work PCA 120 USB
Up to 120 W output power and two different outputs. The PCA 120 USB delivers 120 W output power and is unique in the PA USB series providing two different outputs: Music/Speech and Priority only.

Picture of Work PCA 60 USB Amplifier
The first model of the PCA USB series This 60 W installed sound mixer amplifier features a 5 input mixer and a solid state audio player/recorder (USB/SD) compatible with standard formats (MP3, WMA).

Picture of Work WSA12 Sub
The WSA 10 SUB and WSA 12 SUB are designed for any application needing low frequency reinforcement, and are ideal for providing anything from subtle low-end warmth for business music applications to full bass reproduction for applications requiring foreground music.