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Picture of Aiphone JKW-IP|IP color video intercom adaptor
The JKW-IP provides you with sophisticated network-based IP video intercom solutions. It comes with software for you to use your network-connected PC as the master unit of the JK Series, giving you the opportunity to improve your door entry security management. Answer your door from any network location.

Picture of Aiphone LEM-1DL|Access Sentry
Single master door entry system

Picture of Aiphone LEM|Single Master Communication
Compact, Open Voice Master Station

Picture of Aiphone LEF|Intermixed Loudspeaker Intercom
Intermix master and sub stations in any combination to create desired system

Picture of Aiphone LEF-C|Master Sentry
Selective open voice communication with music and video options

Picture of Aiphone TD-H/B|Selective Call Intercom
Flexibly integrates intercom, paging, and door answering

Picture of Aiphone MC- 60/4|Market-Com
Paging and communication for retail and warehouse applications

Picture of Aiphone YAZ-90-3W|Handset Loop-wired Intercom
No Central Exchange Unit - Microprocessor built into each unit

Picture of Aiphone AX|Integrated Security & Communication
Integration into existing security systems; CCTV, Access Control, Outside Phone; office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, parking, and prisons

Picture of Aiphone NEM/C|Lamp Memory Intercom
Health Care Facilities, Schools, Buildings, Auto Service Centers, Parking Garages

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